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Walk Tall, Stand Strong: The Importance of Proper Posture in Children

Walk Tall, Stand Strong: The Importance of Proper Posture in Children
December 7, 2017 Barbara Cravey
Proper Posture in Children, children walking tall

Good posture goes beyond projecting a confident image — it’s a barometer of musculoskeletal health, as well. When practicing proper posture, the body uses the most efficient amount of muscle energy to keep the joints aligned against the force of gravity. This way, the body does not use more energy than it should, and no part experiences excessive strain.

On the other hand, several health issues come in the wake of poor posture. And it could lead to long-term problems that hamper your child’s development.

The Risks of Poor Posture

When an individual has poor posture, the body’s joints are not aligned properly. This puts excessive stress on both the joints and ligaments. Over time, too much strain could cause osteoarthritis, a condition characterized by the inflammation and the loss of cartilage.

Moreover, since the body does not efficiently fight gravity, both the muscle and tendons become unnecessarily worked out and stressed, leading to shoulder and back pain. Poor posture also impairs flexibility and balance.

The effects stretch beyond the musculoskeletal system. The nerves, blood vessels, and even the internal organs can be affected by the excess stress on the muscles and bones. In some cases, it results in circulation, breathing, and digestion difficulties.

Importance of Proper Posture among Children

With so much at stake, achieving proper posture should not be a conscious task; it should be your default position whenever sitting, standing, or walking. The habit, therefore, is best ingrained in childhood. Kids are quick to learn, and by the time they’re adults, the proper posture will be their go-to stance.

Moreover, it’s never too early to reap the benefits of proper posture. Kids, after all, go through several physical and mental growth stages; back pains and worn out joints should not get in the way of their development.

Achieving Proper Posture

Several online resources detail how to achieve proper posture. But for some children with special needs, child physical therapy is the optimum solution. A physical therapist assesses the child’s posture, strength, and mobility and formulates a plan that’s suited to the child’s needs. Properly addressed, the child can make use of his or her full motor abilities and live life to the fullest.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can aid your child’s motor development.

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