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ABA Therapy Grapevine

ABA Therapy Grapevine

For families searching for ABA Therapy Grapevine, you’ve come to the right place. All our locations are designed to meet the full needs of children with Autism. This includes a fully equipped sensory gym along with therapies, including ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy).

ABA Therapy Grapevine is an intensive, medically-approved way to teach children on the Autism Spectrum. Utilizing the principles of positive reinforcement, we help children learn vital life and self-care skills. ABA therapy has the potential to teach many skills, such as living skills, personal care skills, social skills, play skills, and academic skills.

Children with Autism are not the only ones to benefit from ABA. Many children with behavioral issues benefit from ABA therapy. At ABC-Pediatrics, children who go through our program see a definite improvement in physical aggression, tantrums, and injurious behaviors.

CBT Grapevine

CBT Grapevine is another therapy we provide our students. CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy, is an approach we see high returns on with our children. Children and adults with Autism easily fall into patterns of negative thinking or actions. This can lead to depression and lowered self-esteem. CBT helps reverse those thought patterns, reduce anxiety and improve challenging behaviors.

All our children are assessed by our BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). Once the assessment has been discussed with therapists and families, treatment plans are created. Each child is different; therefore, each treatment plan is different. CBT Grapevine is a place where children can have their needs met and improve their impulse control.

Day Camp Services for Autistic Children in Grapevine, TX

ABC-Pediatrics offers a fun, educational day camp program. The day camp serves all children in the Grapevine area that have an Autism diagnosis. This is a community-based program that teaches children skills needed to interact with daily situations in a stabilized, consistent way. Some of our day camps include being in a classroom environment. For school-aged children, camps may include topics like handwriting, frustration tolerance, and flexible thinking. Our day camp, like all our therapies, are created with our mission in mind: “Empowering Families and Children to Move Mountains.”

Grapevine Facility Location

1620 W Northwest Hwy, Grapevine, TX 76051


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